Tutor Doctor Franchise Reviews and Testimonials

What Our Franchisees Have To Say

Tutor Doctor Franchise Reviews and Testimonials

Tutor Doctor franchise owners share a few common traits: they love people, they love making a difference, they love getting involved in their communities and they are highly supportive of one another. We asked some of them about their experiences with Tutor Doctor...


“My experience with Tutor Doctor has been excellent and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. From my first conversation with Tutor Doctor’s franchise director, through my extensive research, and up to today, Tutor Doctor has been extremely committed to our success. When we started, Tutor Doctor had been a franchise for a handful of years, so business structure and systems were already in place; yet, they’ve remained open to changes and adaptations as new recommendations and market opportunities have surfaced. Other companies seemed to be rigid and less open to suggestions, or the core business systems and backing were lacking. Another big plus has been Tutor Doctor’s ongoing training in both education and business topics, which occurs weekly, monthly, quarterly, and during very well-organized annual franchisees’ convention.”
~ Chris Lien, San Diego, California


“At Tutor Doctor what we do is help children to be as good as they can be. Why would anyone not want to do this? Also, it was a tutoring franchise opportunity that was very much aligned to our own agenda and skill set. It also tied perfectly to the local market in Cambridge, where education is valued by the families and qualified tutors are in high demand. We’ve always worked very hard at everything we do and with Tutor Doctor we found a way to channel our energies and skills into something we really believed in.”
~ Rob Kerrison, Cambridge, UK


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“It was easy to fall in love with Tutor Doctor because of the positive impact they have on students and families. They really were making a difference.”
~ Jon Anthony Lui, Vaughan, Ontario


“Now my future is down to me, the guaranteed security has gone but it has been replaced by something more wonderful and fulfilling: a genuine opportunity to do something that will positively influence a child’s life, and the feeling of Equal Business Stature with clients, fellow franchisees and Head Office alike. My future is my own now, but with Tutor Doctor I’m guaranteed a great company with truly decent people along the way.”
~ Alex Scotchbrook, Surrey, UK



Tutor Doctor Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 people around the world. Caring and dedication are a central part of everything we do, and we’re proud of the good we have accomplished through our hard work.  To hear directly from our customers about how Tutor Doctor has helped them, click here.