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Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study: Yossi Suissa

After dedicating most of his professional life to teaching, Yossi Suissa finds a new passion in the world of education franchising.
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Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study: Alison and Lacy Parker

Former Bay county teachers are making a difference in the lives of local students.
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Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study: Michael Warshawsky

Grown to serve over 350 students with over 100 tutors since 2011.

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The Tutor Doctor Franchise Opportunity Overview

Discover the World's #1 One-to-One Supplementary Education Franchise.

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Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study: Rob Kerrison

With a successful career in industry behind him, Rob Kerrison is reaching new heights with his Tutor Doctor franchise in Cambridge.

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Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study:  Dominic Stone

Ex-primary school teacher Dominic Stone's frustration with bureaucracy and politics in the education system has led him to develop a highly successful business with his Tutor Doctor franchise. Based in Lancashire, Dominic has seen his business grow by up to 60% year on year since starting the franchise in June 2010.

Tutor Doctor Franchisee Case Study: Pete and Stacy

A love of learning sparks passion-fueled business venture for father-daughter duo. Pete and Stacy actualizing their dream of owning a successful business while leading a team that is dedicated to improving the lives of children through education.

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Tutor Doctor Franchises Makes a Difference

Tutor Doctor is about helping kids and giving them the confidence to find their learning style and help them realize they can achieve what they want to achieve.

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Franchisee Story: Ashley Mulcahy of Tutor Doctor Orange County, California

Tutor Doctor Franchisee in Orange County, California shares her story of how she became a Tutor Doctor Franchisee.

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Joyce Batten of Tutor Doctor Bromley, UK is Awarded Female Franchisee Award by the BFA

Tutor Doctor Franchisee, Joyce Batten, has received the Female Franchisee Award for business excellence and to their communities that helped them to stand out and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.