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What Our Customers Have To Say

What makes us a top tutoring franchise? Tutor Doctor has a 95% Customer Love Rate! According to a third party research, 95% of our customers tell us they would recommend us to their family and friends!

As someone researching top tutoring franchises, it may be important to make sure that the company has a respected brand but also has a great fan base! At Tutor Doctor, we understand that our culture and our values are organization-wide!

We also understand that the magic ingredient to a successful private tutoring business is having a great relationship with your customers as well as finding the right tutors. 

A Tutor Doctor tutor is different. We have instituted a rigorous multistep recruitment process. Each candidate must undergo a reference and criminal background check and several interviews and tests before being accepted.

Tutors are trained to offer the most comprehensive help to students and have a range of resources to draw from.

Tutor Doctor tutors are passionate, collaborative, consistent and tried and tested!

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The reason we are a top tutoring franchise and the fastest-growing in-home tutoring franchise in the world is we take a holistic and collaborative approach to learning. We have a comprehensive tutor-matching process that takes into account schedule, location, areas of support, personalities, and learning styles to make the perfect match!


By working together, we can accomplish great things!