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Admin / April 18, 2019

At Tutor Doctor, our business model is built on education, which is one of the most important foundations for success, and this doesn’t only apply to the students who receive our tutoring services; it begins with our franchisees, the men and women who are actually facing customers and making a difference in their communities. 

But successful franchisees aren’t born, they’re made. To develop a phenomenal franchisee, he or she has to be educated first. To that end, our goal is to provide the training and support franchisees need to develop the confidence and ability to build thriving in-home tutoring franchises. 

Tutor Doctor’s aim is twofold: First, it’s for each franchisee to help their communities become stronger through the power of education. Second, it’s to help franchisees become financially successful. And, to achieve those important goals, training of course, plays an essential role. This means providing comprehensive training and support from start to finish. It truly is an ongoing process. 

Step #1 Pre-Training

You will begin your journey by working with our Launch Support and Training teams. From day one you will have a launch support specialist (LSS) working with you from pre-training through your first year in operations. 

Our Foundations Training consists of six weeks of online activities and preparatory work to get your business up and running. What’s nice about this learning system is you can work it around your schedule and you can learn from anywhere, anytime – after work, on weekends, or even while on vacation. We created our e-learning system to make it flexible for our franchisees, who typically have busy schedules already. 

Step #2 In-Class Training

In-class training takes place in our home office in Toronto, Canada. Franchisees from around the world get together to complete a five-day intensive world-class training program that will prepare them to start operations when they get back home. In fact, Pay Per Click campaigns are started during this week and our in-house call centre (care centre) starts working on booking consultations for the franchisees.  

Step #3 Launch Support Program

The Tutor Doctor Franchise Launch Support Program (LSP) is designed to provide intensive remote and in-field support to facilitate immediate growth of a new franchise over its first year in operation. 

You will have consistent bi-weekly touch points with your LSS; these calls are designed to place accountability on short-term goals that are part of a franchisee’s first year plan and eight full days of in-market support over three separate visits throughout the first year. 

Upon completion of the first year of operation, the franchisee will be transitioned to the Support Department for ongoing specialized support in areas such as marketing, technology and tutor engagement. 

Joining the Tutor Doctor Community 

When you become a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you join our family, which is full of caring, compassionate people who want nothing more than to see you succeed. We understand that franchising may be entirely new to you, which is why we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Regardless of your learning style, we provide the support you need to streamline the educational process. You can also take advantage of our open forums where you can get answers to your questions as they arise, since new ones always do! 

Education is what we do best, so we have you covered 100% in the training and support department! Not only that, but we’re constantly evolving and improving our systems and processes for franchisee success. 

When you buy a Tutor Doctor franchise, you’re joining a community of fellow franchisees who build each other up and help one another succeed. If you’d like to find out if the Tutor Doctor in-home tutoring franchise is the right fit for you, contact us to learn more.

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