Community Presence is What Sets Tutor Doctor Franchisees Apart

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Admin / June 30, 2020

As active members of their communities, Tutor Doctor franchisees earn business and meet new clients in many different ways. In fact, community marketing is crucial to the Tutor Doctor model and is one way we stand out from other tutoring franchises. Discover the ways our franchisees build relationships in their communities that contribute to the growth of their business.


1.) School Visits

The Tutor Doctor marketing system can put your tutoring business in front of school administrators, thanks to our online campaigns built in collaboration with our franchisees. On an international level, we create and run digital marketing campaigns designed to motivate your target customers. Once they contact your Tutor Doctor franchise, you may have the opportunity to visit the school in-person and discuss the benefits of Tutor Doctor’s academic approach. This could set up our business to be the official tutoring partner for your local schools.


2.) Flyers

Part of the support Tutor Doctor franchisees receive from the Home Office is marketing collateral for general and seasonal campaigns, including flyers. These flyers can be left behind with school and university administrators. You can also use flyers when meeting parents who are looking for tutoring services. Whether it’s at a community event, youth sports game, or even if you run into parents at schools, flyers are a great way to leave them with a bit of Tutor Doctor and start building your relationship.


3.) Tutor Doctor Branding

Another way Tutor Doctor franchisees engage in community marketing is just by being members of their community. Whether or not they are on official Tutor Doctor business, you can often find our franchisees in their branded Tutor Doctor vehicle, shirt or cap. Maximize your marketing power by parking your car in busy areas or near schools. People are there just waiting to find us! The wearable gear helps too. In fact, we’ve had franchisees gain new clients and tutors just because they happened to stop at the grocery store while in their Tutor Doctor shirt. This mom had recently heard about our brand and wanted to sign up for a consultation. Our branding is powerful, and our franchisees are our best ambassadors — even in the most surprising places.


Tutor Doctor Marketing Systems

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will have access to our digital and print marketing collateral, including emails, brochures, blogs and social media support. Plus, Home Office support is boosted by a training program that prepares you to represent your business in your community. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about handling face-to-face interactions with potential clients and be by your side as you practice and hone your new skills. Our dedication to community-based marketing efforts makes Tutor Doctor the best tutoring franchise — for franchisees and students.


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