Everything You Need to Know About Tutor Doctor Branding

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Admin / August 6, 2020

A brand is a promise, and Tutor Doctor franchisees are tasked with fulfilling our tutoring franchise’s mission: to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Read on to discover what we mean by that and how our Tutor Doctor franchise branding works with franchisees to make—and keep—promises to our students and their families.


Who Tutor Doctor Is

At a corporate level, every interaction, every piece of collateral, everything Tutor Doctor does is built around the idea of being there for students when they need us and getting them where they need to go.

Tutor Doctor understands tutoring is just one part of helping students succeed at school. That’s why in 2017, we rebranded to focus on the whole student, including their mental health, familial relationships and overall well-being. By keeping students at the heart of our brand, we were able to create a look and messaging that stands out from other tutoring franchises and supports our goal of helping students succeed in life—not just in school.


Stand-Out Marketing Collateral

Our dedication to students and their families is evident in every piece of Tutor Doctor marketing collateral. We provide our franchisees with a library of content they can use to promote their tutoring businesses on a local level; Tutor Doctor franchisees are encouraged to add local flare to the collateral pieces corporate provides. Our franchise training program will make sure you have the information you need to execute Tutor Doctor’s worldwide message and the skills you need to make an impact in your community.

The collateral franchisees have access to includes business cards, sales brochures, promotional flyers and more, including Tutor Doctor shirts, hats and, of course, our branded, wrapped, vehicles. When you start your tutoring business with Tutor Doctor, you have access to the marketing and branding materials you need to grow your tutoring franchise.


We Collaborate with Franchisees

The Tutor Doctor franchise is collaborative; after all, 300 minds are better than one! We are proud to harness the innovation of Tutor Doctor franchisees and we value their input about the brand as a whole. That’s why we test our marketing materials and branded products in the field, in different Tutor Doctor markets across the globe. This allows franchisees to give us feedback and teaches us what is or isn’t having the desired impact so we can learn, adjust and try again.

Tutor Doctor franchisees are the ones who work with families directly; they know what messaging will communicate that our brand is invested in helping the whole student succeed. Our franchisees also work with the Tutor Doctor corporate marketing team to find the best ways to connect with families where they are—the internet. The Tutor Doctor brand is strong online, especially on social media platforms, allowing our tutoring franchisees to connect with families in their community in an organic way.

Clear, consistent branding is crucial to any tutoring franchise. When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, you will join a franchise system with a strong brand you will bring to your own community. Learn more about the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity by reaching out for more information.

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