From Biology Teacher to Tutor Doctor Franchisee!

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Admin / May 2, 2019

Our latest franchise feature comes to you from the United Kingdom. With three territories throughout London, Joseph Folwell has a packed schedule, but this former teacher wouldn’t trade his independence and schedule flexibility for anything! 

Joseph has a background in education, which is great, but not required to become a Tutor Doctor franchisee. Before joining Tutor Doctor, Joseph was an A-level biology teacher, a skill that comes in handy as he runs his educational franchise and helps to enrich the lives and learning experiences of London’s youth. So, what was it about the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity that drew Joseph to the brand? 

 “I felt that the brand was quite strong and that it was growing very rapidly in the UK, and in-home tuition itself is fairly recession resilient,” says Joseph. 

A Teacher with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Like many individuals working as employees with structured schedules and income caps, Joseph had an entrepreneurial spirit. He was drawn to the possibilities provided by franchising, such as growth, flexibility, and freedom, all of which go hand-in-hand with a franchise vs. working for someone else, where employees just don’t have the same opportunities. “Building something for myself is what motivates me,” he explained. “That and the freedom of being my own boss.” 

According to Joseph, the most rewarding part of being a Tutor Doctor franchisee has been seeing the growth of the business during the first 18 months, which is often a very exciting time for our franchisees. To fellow entrepreneurs considering the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity, he says that persistence, an outgoing personality, and community marketing are big elements to franchise success, and we have to agree with him! 

The support from Tutor Doctor has been “excellent,” he says. “Event support has been strong through links that already exist from Tutor Doctor with other companies like Tesco and HSBC.” And the franchisees themselves...” We all support each other. It is a huge benefit of franchising – through the sharing of tutors, leads, and of course ideas.” 

Joseph’s #1 Piece of Advice 

After successfully running his Tutor Doctor franchise in three boroughs in London – Hackney, Islington, and Stock Newington – Joseph’s #1 piece of advice to individuals considering the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity is this: “Make sure you consider your skillset with the skillset required to be successful in the business.” He also says to be prepared to work hard because lead generation is the key in this business. 

If Joseph had to the opportunity to do it all over again, what would he do differently? His response was that he would have put more energy into tutor recruitment from the very beginning – great advice Joseph! 

How Tutor Doctor Made His Life Better 

When we asked Joseph how his life has been impacted by owning a Tutor Doctor franchise, he had a response that a lot of people can relate to. He said, “I answer to no one, which relieves a lot of stress. I can mold my schedule, which I cannot do as an employee.” 

Joseph’s sentiments truly resonate with most of our franchisees. Typically, aspiring entrepreneurs are seeking a career move that will allow them to be their own boss, while controlling their financial destinies and the Tutor Doctor franchise allows both! 

What does a day in the life of Joseph Folwell look like? He says it’s a mixture of spending time interviewing tutors, lead chasing, conducting online consultations, admin, running and organizing events, and generally pushing his business forward.

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