Gary Bigelow’s Tutor Doctor Business is Growing Fast

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Admin / May 7, 2020

Meet Gary Bigelow! He’s the Tutor Doctor franchisee in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He’s parlayed his skills as a successful engineer, manager and consultant into a booming Tutor Doctor franchise. Get to know Gary and discover what makes Tutor Doctor right for him — and maybe you, too.


Why Tutor Doctor

Like many of our franchisees, Gary chose the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity because our system just makes sense. “As I spent two years tutoring math, when I left school and started my engineering degree, I was familiar with the valuable contribution tutoring makes to families and the community at large,” Gary says. “My wife and I quickly understood the model and other franchisees validated the business case. The decision was then easy.”


In addition to a system that is proven and simple to follow, Gary knew he could make a positive impact in his community by starting a Tutor Doctor franchise. “We went to training in December and only started working the marketing from mid-January,” Gary says. “Already we are at the 20-client milestone and have employed 19 young people in the area. This is an incredibly satisfying outcome to be changing the trajectory of so many lives in such a short period.”


Following the System

While Gary has only been a franchisee for a short while, he has already hacked the secret to thriving as a Tutor Doctor franchisee: “Just do it the way they tell you in training,” Gary says. “If you follow the instructions at the pointy end, it will happen with practice.”

Tutor Doctor franchisee training program gives you all the tools you need to build a business you can be proud of. Marketing, sales, and team management are just some of the skills you’ll walk away from training with — plus the continuous support of the Tutor Doctor corporate team.


The Day-to-Day

The Tutor Doctor franchise model does allow our franchisees a more flexible schedule than traditional 9-to-5 work. But as an empty nester, in the early stages of building a new business, Gary finds that keeping a consistent schedule helps him make large strides.


Gary’s Average Weekday

7 – 10 AM: I review the plan for the day, take a 5km walk along the lake or do 20 laps at the lakeside Olympic pool, then I eat breakfast and squeeze in a little music if I can.

10 – 1 PM: I do the admin work needing doing and conduct adult student consults

1 – 2 PM: Lunch

2 – 4 PM: This time is allocated for school visits and dropping off flyers in school pickup line.
This is always done as long as it doesn’t rain.

4 – 8 PM: On selected days this time is allocated for any mid-week consults for school-age students.


Outside of the Business

Beyond building his Tutor Doctor business, Gary enjoys playing guitar and spending time with his family — in fact, his wife is heavily involved in the business. “Cathy now runs an incredibly efficient recruitment process and our social media exposure,” Gary says.

Are you ready to start your Tutor Doctor franchise journey and start building your business, like Gary? Reach out today for more information about this tutoring franchise opportunity.

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