How Tutor Doctor Thrived in 2020—and What That Means for 2021

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Admin / December 17, 2020

2020 was a landmark year for the Tutor Doctor education franchise. Our business was uniquely positioned to make the most of a global pandemic that did force us to change some of our processes. But we were able to adapt quickly and continue to meet our customers’ needs. Plus, we can’t wait to show you what 2021 means for the Tutor Doctor education franchise opportunity!

How Fast Tutor Doctor Adapted

For many other franchises, COVID-19 presented some insurmountable challenges. But Tutor Doctor was able to pivot—quickly!—from in-home tutoring to exclusively online services. We already had the online platform in place, so our franchisees and tutors had the knowledge they needed to help customers make the transition.

Tutor Doctor also launched the Innovation Squad, which is a group of franchisees and Home Office staff from different departments tasked with quickly creating franchise-wide processes, testing online marketing initiatives and keeping track of what is working. Throughout 2020, the Innovation Squad moved quickly so the entire Tutor Doctor franchise could stay ahead of the COVID-19 crisis.

How We Are Meeting Customers’ Needs

In 2020, the Tutor Doctor education franchise really shined. Despite the curveballs, Tutor Doctor not only maintained our high level of customer satisfaction, our net promoter score has increased, meaning our customers are more likely to recommend us than ever before. We are meeting our customers’ needs with more service offerings that help each Tutor Doctor student get the specific support they need.


Online Tutoring

Conducting tutoring online wasn’t a new concept to us in 2020—it’s a service we’ve offered for quite a while—but this year was the first year that online tutoring became the primary and preferred method.

Tutor Share Program

In 2020, Tutor Doctor launched our tutor sharing program. This means that tutors from our franchises across the globe can be matched with any student, regardless of geography. Not only does this open up the possibilities and revenue streams for our franchisees, but it also increases customer satisfaction. Thanks to the tutor share program, students are being matched with a qualified tutor in a matter of hours, instead of waiting for days.

Pod Tutoring and Homework Club

Many students have lost out on peer-to-peer learning with virtual education. With Tutor Doctor’s pod tutoring, they can gain some of that back. Students who are in the same grade, using the same curriculum can engage in tutoring lessons together with a single tutor.

Similar to pod tutoring, Homework Club allows students to work together with a tutor to complete their homework and assignments. Both of these tutoring options allow students to learn from one another and help families mitigate the cost of private tutoring.


Coding is becoming part of the school curriculum in many areas; this is why Tutor Doctor has invested in this area, to ensure we will continue providing what our customers need.

The Outlook for 2021

We are excited to announce the implementation of the Tutor Doctor national license. Franchisees who have this certification will now be able to provide our best in class tutoring to students in any unawarded region of the franchisee’s country. The 2020 pivot to online one-to-one tutoring has allowed the entire franchise to do away with geographical limits. All students deserve the academic support they need, regardless of location.

If you are as excited as we are about Tutor Doctor’s potential in 2021, we encourage you to reach out for more information on this tutoring franchise opportunity.

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