Meet the Tutor Doctor Team: Director of Global Franchisee Support

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Admin / August 20, 2020

Meet Mark Szpak! He is a part of the Tutor Doctor corporate team, serving as our Director of Global Franchisee Support. Discover the role he plays in our tutoring franchise and his positive outlook on the Tutor Doctor brand.

Tutor Doctor: How would you describe the role of Director of Global Franchisee Support?

Mark Szpak: I would describe my role in two ways: being responsible for the growth and profitability of all our franchisees and being responsible for the growth and performance of our field support staff. When it comes to our franchisees, it’s about ensuring that they have the tools, guidance and support they need to grow their business toward the goals that they set for their tutoring franchise.


TD: How did your career path lead you to Tutor Doctor?

MS: Prior to Tutor Doctor, I was in corporate training for approximately eight years. My job at the time was finishing up and I noticed an opening for a trainer position at Tutor Doctor. As I went through multiple interviews and learned more about the organization, I felt there was a fit in terms of values and how Tutor Doctor was set to impact people’s lives.


TD: What makes Tutor Doctor stand out from other franchise opportunities?

MS: Numerous things make Tutor Doctor stand out but two come right to mind. The first is the low cost of entry, which provides many people with the opportunity to own and build their own business. The second is that Tutor Doctor provides an opportunity to make a difference with kids and in the community.


TD: What is your favorite part of the Tutor Doctor business model?

MS: The community engagement and business development are my favorite because it’s all about building relationships and meeting people. Whether you’re going to a school, working a community event or visiting a home for a consultation, franchisees get to connect with so many parents and students to learn what you can do to make a difference.


TD: How closely do you interact with franchisees?

MS: I work very closely with franchisees and also, by extension, through our field support teams. I chair our Franchise Advisory Council and consistently work with many of our franchisees on a variety of projects that are focused on furthering the brand.


TD: What should potential franchisees know about you?

MS: They should know that I am someone who will love their business just as much as they will. I’ve always believed hard work is the great equalizer and I’m committed to the growth and success of each franchisee that joins our organization. I love this business and the positive contributions it’s made to communities globally. I’ve been with Tutor Doctor for approximately eight years in a variety of different roles and have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of franchisees in their markets all across the world. That experience brings a unique perspective that allows me and my team to ensure we’re focusing on the things that directly relate to each franchisee’s growth.


TD: Where do you see Tutor Doctor going in the future?

MS: I see us in a great position for the future! With the world embracing online tutoring and classes more than ever, we’re opened up to serve other areas that we may not have been able to in the past. This increases the potential revenue a tutoring franchise can generate when you have a market that is ripe for our core one-to-one, in-home tutoring, but also is more open to online tutoring services.


TD: What do you do for fun outside the office?

MS: I’m passionate about two things: my kids and my fitness. I love to train in the gym or run outside. Any other free moment I try to spend with my kids, who are currently 6 and 4. My passions are almost intertwined as I need the energy to keep up with them!


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