Positive Discontent; the Key to Tutor Doctor’s Incredible Franchise Success

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Admin / November 21, 2014

Tutor Doctor‘s overwhelming success is thanks in no small part to President Frank Milner who has transformed this company from a budding business to a successful international franchise with over 400 territories in 9 countries since he joined in 2007.

One of the most important tenants to his success is the phenomenal culture of franchisee support Frank and his team has created. “Franchise success is directly tied to the success of the franchisee, that is why we are 100% focused on helping our franchisees succeed,” says Milner. “I learned from Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, that we need to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and we have! We are committed to becoming a household name all over the world. The most rewarding thing about this goal is to see the entire team behind it; our franchisees, our staff, and our management team are all engaged in making this happen. We are all in the same boat and rowing in the same direction for the benefit of everyone in the team,” Milner says.

Milner runs a tight ship with a set of values based on hard work and what he calls being ‘positively discontent’; a philosophy he says drives him and his team to always challenge themselves: “I’m a values-driven person,” says Milner. “I’m also ‘positively-discontent’. My glass is always half-full and never half-empty; I expect good things to happen and when times are tough I know how to dust off and get back on the horse. Yet, being positive doesn’t mean I’m content. I celebrate my achievements, but I’m never complacent. It’s too easy to believe your own press clips and pretty soon you start taking shortcuts and slipping into your comfort zone where no growth takes place. So I’m constantly striving to grow and to help others grow too. I take great pleasure in developing people, teams and companies. Tutor Doctor is truly all about supporting others so they–our franchisees and the students and families that are our clients–can grow and prosper,” Milner says.

Developing people is exactly what the Tutor Doctor Home Office team is dedicated to, taking on the motto: “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” This ethos is fundamentally what makes the franchise successful as the team realizes that they only grow as a franchise if each franchisee succeeds.

“We have become extremely proactive in providing the support our franchisees need to succeed. Our Franchise Field Consultants coach and train our franchisees through the tough times. We also meet regularly with our Regional Leaders Team to learn about the problems franchisees may be facing and together strategize on how to help them. The key is to keep being proactive and not let challenges become problems,” says Milner.

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