Raquel Cuaron is Making a Difference in Her Community

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Admin / July 16, 2020

Meet Raquel Cuaron! She’s the Tutor Doctor franchisee in El Paso, Texas. She’s driven by our mission to provide personalized one-to-one tutoring to help to students who need it. Learn how franchising with Tutor Doctor has changed Raquel’s life and allowed her to make a difference in her own community.


What Makes Tutor Doctor Stand Out

When Raquel got in contact with a Tutor Doctor Franchise Development Director, she quickly understood the benefits of franchising. “After seeing their initial presentation, I was really drawn to it and I immediately wanted to know more,” Raquel says. “The personalized service that Tutor Doctor offers and the impact that it can have on a student was really something I could picture myself doing.”

Our one-to-one tutoring methods really make a difference in students’ lives and that is meaningful to Raquel. “What I’ve found along the way is that the power of one-to-one tutoring is stronger than I thought,” Raquel says. “Most students don’t need a tutor forever but getting that personalized attention when they need it can be a turning point for them.”


Customer Service Oriented

Thanks to her previous experience owning a retail store, Raquel understands the importance of customer service. “You must like people. You must be customer service oriented. You’re connecting people with people, and you must be able to follow through with parents, tutors and students,” Raquel says.

And for Raquel’s Tutor Doctor business, customer service includes providing each student with the resources that they need—even before they know they need it. “Even before COVID-19, we had an online platform in place for current students,” Raquel says. “Some used it when they needed an extra session before a test, for example, but now everyone has tried it, and everyone has made it work.”


Lifestyle Changes

Tutor Doctor changes lives… including those of our franchisees! “One of my biggest challenges was adapting to the work from home routine. I used to have a set schedule. I had to let myself work at my own pace, motivate myself to go out and do my work-related errands,” Raquel says. “But like everything, we learn to adapt, and now I like it. Sometimes I work late but take mornings off and vice versa.”

Even the perks of ownership, like scheduling flexibility, take some getting used to. But Raquel believes in the benefits of Tutor Doctor and that continues to drive her. “We do our best to make a difference in a student’s life,” Raquel says. “Education and self-confidence are two things that a person can take anywhere they go, no matter if they change schools, jobs or cities. They cannot be stolen; it’s the best gift you can ever give your kids.”


Franchise with Tutor Doctor

You have the potential to be like Raquel and make a difference for the students in your town. Start your franchise journey by reaching out to the Tutor Doctor franchise development team. We will give you more information and answer any questions you might have about the Tutor Doctor education franchise opportunity.

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