Signs You Are Ready to Own Your Own Tutoring Franchise

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Admin / March 19, 2020

The decision to buy a franchise is a big one. It’s important to consider the reasons why franchising is the right choice for you and your family. Since 2003, Tutor Doctor has been working with franchisees and we’ve discovered a few signs that someone is ready to own their own tutoring franchise. Read on to find out if you’re ready to franchise with Tutor Doctor!


Desire for Career Independence

Are you ready to live life on your own terms? As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will get to create your own schedule, define your own role, and decide when and where to grow. That just isn’t possible when you work for someone else, but it is the norm for Tutor Doctor franchisees.


Some franchisees choose to frontload their days, so they can spend evenings with their families; others prefer to do administrative tasks at night. Some franchisees choose to handle client consultations themselves, while others have a sales team. We’ve had franchisees expand their territory within a year, then other franchisees choose to stick with one for a while. When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, the choice is all yours.


Passion for Improving Lives

Tutor Doctor franchisees change lives every day. Is that something you would like to do? Many of our franchisees have found fulfillment knowing their business is helping students academically achieve, and helping families reduce the stress that comes with having a struggling student.


If your current career isn’t giving you the degree of emotional fulfillment you would like, it might be time for you to explore owning your own tutoring franchise. You have the chance to make a real difference in your community — and feel good about it.


Financial Preparedness

Being financially prepared to invest in a business is an important factor to consider as you decide on a tutoring franchise opportunity. Tutor Doctor is a low-cost franchise opportunity with a franchise fee starting at just $49,700. The franchise fee includes the entire training program, our proprietary tutor management system, our proven student enrollment system, and more. If you have questions about your personal financial preparedness, you can reach out to our franchise development team to learn about your financing options.


You Have Transferrable Skills

With the skills you’ve gained from other career experiences, you are likely ready to own your own business. Maybe you have knowledge of the education industry. Or maybe you have extensive management experience. Or maybe you are a pro at managing multiple schedules and meeting deadlines. Any one of these skills could serve you well as the owner of your own tutoring franchise. By franchising with Tutor Doctor, you can utilize skills you already have to build a legacy.


A desire for career independence, a passion for having a positive impact, financial resources and an arsenal of transferrable skills are all reasons you are ready to own your own tutoring franchise. To learn more about Tutor Doctor, reach out to our franchise development team for more information about this tutoring franchise opportunity.

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