The Tutor Doctor Culture

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Admin / January 7, 2021

The Tutor Doctor culture is all about being present and offering support, from the corporate office all the way down to each individual tutor. We know that being there for our students, tutors and franchisees in ways that support their different needs is what makes Tutor Doctor so special.


At a corporate level, we make sure to listen to our franchisees so we can make sure you and your business are poised to succeed. Plus, our franchisees often have great ideas that could make a positive impact on the entire system. Open lines of communication between the corporate Tutor Doctor team and franchisees has built mutual support into every aspect of our tutoring franchise.


Dedication to Our Values

Tutor Doctor franchisees are a part of Tutor Doctor’s award-nominated culture every single day. Part of the reason for that is because we expect each of our franchisees to be dedicated to our values of understanding, curiosity, ingenuity, ownership and grit. As a franchisee, you will have ample opportunities to express these values in your community and within your business.

Part of understanding is empathizing instead of criticizing. Not only is this helpful in instruction between children and students but it can also make your tutoring franchise a great business to work for because as a boss, you aren’t looking to chastise — you’re looking to understand. We also encourage curiosity at every level of our education franchise, not just in our students. For our franchisees, there are always new opportunities to explore whether it’s new marketing avenues, expanding your business or working with new tutors. These are also arenas in which you can think outside of the box, utilizing our value of ingenuity.

Tutor Doctor franchisees value ownership, but ownership means accountability. Franchisees who are able to own up to their actions encourage the same behavior in their tutors and students. Being a business owner is rewarding, but it does require hard work. Luckily, Tutor Doctor franchisees are dedicated to grit.

Being Present in Our Communities

The Tutor Doctor culture extends far beyond our corporate office or even the home offices of our franchisees. It is important for our brand to be present in our communities. Not only is this a marketing tool that can help you build your tutoring franchise but speaking to the parents and students who are looking for help is impactful. Each Tutor Doctor franchisee is a walking endorsement of the positivity of our culture — and our brand as a whole. We are there for our communities across the globe because being present is part of what makes Tutor Doctor an outstanding educational franchise.

Being Present in the Life of the Whole Student

While Tutor Doctor is an educational franchise, we understand that students have more going on in their lives than just school and tutoring. Our tutors are trained to be tuned in to the other aspects of their lives, like family, friends, extracurricular activities and the other things that make up the whole student. This allows us to offer the support a student needs in a customized way. Being present in the life of the whole student is a crucial aspect of the Tutor Doctor culture.

If you are ready to own a tutoring franchise with a meaningful culture that positively impacts each part of our system, reach out the Tutor Doctor franchise development team for more information.

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