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Admin / October 1, 2020

For the past 15 years, the Tutor Doctor education franchise has included a test prep program to support students in their journey to their school of choice. As high school students prepare for the ACT and SAT each fall, Tutor Doctor franchisees are using their resources to diversify their businesses. The test prep program revenue stream is a true testament to the power franchisees have within the Tutor Doctor system and how a global brand has the resources to make a difference for individual franchisees’ businesses, in addition to shaping students’ lives.

How Tutor Doctor Franchisees Grew the Test Prep Revenue Stream

When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, you won’t just become a cog in a franchising machine; we value the experience and skillsets of each of our franchisees, in addition to their passion for changing the trajectory of students’ lives. In fact, franchisees have been crucial in creating and developing our education franchise’s test prep program that became a key way Tutor Doctor positively impacts our students.


When Jennifer Rossier, who operates her franchise in the suburbs of Boston, signed on as a Tutor Doctor franchisee, she had already built an independent, successful test prep and college admissions counseling business. Jennifer was more than willing to leverage her 25 years of test prep experience to help the entire franchise make the most of this revenue stream and meet a need for students nationwide. In collaboration with the Tutor Doctor Home Office and more than 50 of her fellow franchisees, Jennifer developed Test Prep Pros.


Test Prep Pros

The Test Prep Pros is a certification course for Tutor Doctor franchisees. It will give you all the tools you need to offer test prep services. The course covers running test prep consultations, test prep and college admissions counseling resources for tutors, marketing resources and lead generation strategies. You will be introduced to the Test Prep Pros course during your franchisee training.

This training system has been developed and adapted thanks to the insights of franchisees in different markets around the globe. These insights have informed the many different Test Prep Pros campaigns that our franchisees have access to.


The Impact of the Test Prep Program

With the COVID-19 pandemic turning most businesses on their head, Tutor Doctor franchisees banded together to help generate leads by offering free ACT/SAT practice tests and taking turns proctoring virtually. Our amazing, dedicated team of franchisees is responsible for expanding the potential of our education franchise’s test prep program to reach students who need academic support and could greatly benefit from our test prep program.


Our franchises work with high school students so they can reach their highest potential and earn admittance to the schools of their dreams. Tutor Doctor teaches students the strategies they need to be successful at the ACT/SAT and boost their scores. You’ll have the chance to give your tutoring students more test-taking confidence and more college options.


How to Market Your Test Prep Services

Tutor Doctor makes sure each franchisee has the marketing support they need to become the premier test prep education franchise in their market. You will have access to lead nurturing campaigns, practice campaigns, email campaigns and more through the Tutor Doctor resource library. While these campaigns and collateral are available to every franchisee across the globe, you will have the chance to customize each piece to the needs of your own market. We know that marketing is crucial to the growth of any revenue stream—and any business. That’s why you will be prepared with the training, experts and resources you need.


If you are ready to learn more about the Tutor Doctor test prep program—or dive into this education franchise opportunity—reach out today for more information.

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