Tutor Doctor’s President, Frank Milner, Has a Vision for Our Future

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Admin / June 18, 2020

As you consider the benefits of franchising with Tutor Doctor, we encourage you to get to know our leadership and understand Tutor Doctor’s plans for the future. To that end, we caught up with Frank Milner, the president of Tutor Doctor. He’s been at the helm of our company since 2007 and understands the model inside and out. Read on to learn Tutor Doctor’s strengths, how we’re growing, and how franchisees will play a role.


Tutor Doctor: What makes Tutor Doctor stand out from other franchise opportunities?

Frank Milner: Obviously, there are many options and opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs out there. What makes Tutor Doctor a homerun, for me, is the fact that we’re literally changing the trajectory of students’ lives on a daily basis. To have the opportunity to do something that’s so meaningful AND to have the opportunity to make a great living at the same time is just incredible.


TD: What is your favorite part of the Tutor Doctor business model?

FM: We utilize a software platform to elicit feedback from our customers daily. Reading through the feedback and comments that parents make about the impact that our service has had on their kids (and on the family dynamics) is incredibly inspiring and rewarding. The more customers we have, the more feedback we receive, the more students we help…it’s a virtuous circle.


TD: What does the future hold for Tutor Doctor?

FM: Our overarching objective is to make Tutor Doctor a household name across the globe. We’re well on our way to accomplishing this given that we’re already operating in 15 different countries around the world, and we’re continuing to expand through our network of outstanding franchisees. In the future, we will have expanded service offerings, we will leverage the latest technologies, and attract great franchisees to our team to enable our mission of changing the trajectory of students’ lives.


TD: How will franchisees be a part of that growth?

FM: Our franchisees are a critical point of contact to be there for families. Education systems are struggling, students are struggling, and we need to be there to help families navigate this ever-changing landscape so that students can achieve their goals and dreams. We are all about being present for families, and our franchisees are the cornerstone of delivering on that customer experience.


TD: What qualities will help Tutor Doctor remain resilient in the future or are their other factors?

FM: Having that local owner working directly with local families on a one-to-one basis is a huge differentiating factor for Tutor Doctor, but the fact that we’re able to deliver that service either in-person or online with equal effectiveness positions us really well—and uniquely—for the future.


TD: What can the franchise community expect from Tutor Doctor in the near future?

FM: Franchisees can expect continued support from Tutor Doctor Home Office. We will continue to help our franchisees develop their skills, abilities, and offerings as we innovate and evolve as a brand.

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