What Makes Tutor Doctor an Essential Business

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Admin / September 3, 2020

It’s a bit of an understatement to say the world is unpredictable these days; but no matter the circumstances Tutor Doctor franchises around the world are up and running. That’s because Tutor Doctor is an essential business. Even when many businesses are forced to slow down, Tutor Doctor franchises are providing students, and their families, with the supplemental education they need. Read on to find out just what makes Tutor Doctor an essential business.


Education is Essential

School has changed, but no matter what, students need to learn. So, Tutor Doctor franchisees continue to provide families with the educational resources they need by matching them with tutors who can make a difference.

Education is essential—and so is Tutor Doctor. Our tutors works with their students to come up with strategies that enhance the curriculum being taught by their teachers. This supplemental education meets a crucial need for students and parents. Tutor Doctor franchisees help students stay on track or get ahead in school, even if school looks a little different. Our proven educational strategies allow our franchisees to grow their tutoring businesses no matter the circumstances.


Tutor Doctor is Recession-Resistant

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has continually proved to be a recession-resistant franchise opportunity. Our tutoring franchise has successfully survived highs and lows thanks to dedicated franchisees who are active in their communities and understand the tutoring needs of their neighbors.

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will have the freedom to build a tutoring business that works for you and your community. For example, if you live in an area full of young families, you might want to focus on elementary school tutoring and practicing the fundamentals. But for other franchisees, test prep tutoring for college entrance exams, like the ACT and SAT, is a huge revenue stream. You’ll use your business acumen, franchise training and a dash of intuition to build a business that will last in your community.


Our Tutoring Model is Adaptable

The Tutor Doctor franchise model is able to adapt as needed while still maintaining our signature one-to-one tutoring methods. This adaptability is one reason your tutoring business will be an essential business.

Many Tutor Doctor franchisees have been incorporating online tutoring into their business for years to accommodate hectic schedules and make our tutoring even more accessible. And now, all of our franchises have implemented online programs to make sure students get the support they need while staying safe. In addition to making scheduling easier, online tutoring also allows students to record their one-to-one tutoring sessions and review them on their own time. Our systemwide pivot to online tutoring has allowed franchisees to continue helping students and their families even in the face of a pandemic.

Owning an essential tutoring business will allow you to help students when they need it the most. By franchising with our recession-resistant, adaptable model, you can bring proven Tutor Doctor services to students in your community. Find out more about the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity by reaching out to our franchise development team for more information. You could start making a difference in students’ lives sooner than you might think.

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