What You Need to Know About the Tutoring Market

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Admin / June 4, 2020

As you consider the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity, it’s important that you understand the industry you are entering, the tutoring industry. As major players in the tutoring market, Tutor Doctor franchisees are at the forefront, driving industry growth and adapting to make sure that each of our families receive the tutoring they need despite tough times. Read on to learn more about the tutoring market, including what makes us resilient, how much we’re growing and why our tutoring franchise opportunity is a part of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.


Strong Market… Even in Tough Times

Simply put, education is essential. Tutoring helps students continue to learn even if tough times have thrown a wrench in normal routines. Parents around the globe just want what is best for their children. Often, parents express that by investing in their children’s education. Thanks to services like Tutor Doctor, parents have the opportunity to make sure their family has all the educational resources necessary to bolster what the children are learning in the classroom.

Tutor Doctor is also able to conduct online, face-to-face tutoring when in-home instruction just isn’t possible. That means our business doesn’t stop when schools are closed. The tutoring market remains strong despite situational threats.


Expected to Be Worth $177,621 Billion by 2026

Thanks in part to the adaptability of tutoring franchises like Tutor Doctor, the tutoring industry is experiencing growth worldwide. In fact, by 2026, the global tutoring industry is expected to be worth $177,621 billion and you can be a part of it.

This is your chance to enter the growing tutoring market now by franchising with Tutor Doctor. In fact, your business could be up and running sooner than you think. It all starts when you reach out to our team of franchise development representatives for more information.


Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500

Tutor Doctor is on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. That means they recognize us as one of the best franchises based on our growth, franchisee support, and potential for individual franchisees. We’re proud of our placement on the list and encourage you to explore this tutoring franchise opportunity and find out what Entrepreneur Magazine already knows: Tutor Doctor is an excellent opportunity.

Over the past five years, Tutor Doctor has grown from 400 franchise units to more than 700, with unprecedented growth outside of the United States. We have franchisees in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and more locations across the globe. Our support includes training, marketing support and ongoing corporate support that empowers you to make the most of our proven systems.

Tutor Doctor has great standing in the tutoring market. Now that you’ve explored our industry, we encourage you to take an even deeper dive into the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity. You can make a real difference in the lives of students while entering a growing and resilient industry. Reach out to our team to get more information and start your journey with Tutor Doctor.

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