Why Now is a Good Time to Invest in Franchising

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Admin / October 15, 2020

Franchising allows many entrepreneurs to enjoy the freedoms of being a business owner while also having access to an established brand. Right now is a great time to franchise because A) you deserve the security of business ownership, B) franchising mitigates your personal risk, C) a franchisor has lots of industry expertise, and D) it is always the right time to invest in your own future.

Security of Business Ownership

We at Tutor Doctor know that times are uncertain. Throughout 2020, many people around the globe faced new professional and personal struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic turmoil. But investing in a franchise gives you a certain level of security that just isn’t possible when you work for someone else.


When you own a business, you are singularly in charge of your own employment. You will never have to worry about downsizing, layoffs or pay cuts again once you franchise with Tutor Doctor. It must also be said, that business owners are responsible for the success of their business, but when you franchise, there are plenty of systems in place to help you succeed.


Mitigate Risk

Franchising is a way for you to own your own business with less risk than building a brand from scratch which is even more attractive in an increasingly uncertain world. Franchising is often called “business in a box” alluding to the fact that franchisors already have the systems in place for the franchise brand. It’s up to entrepreneurs, like you, to implement the proven systems in their individual markets. Not only do proven systems help franchisees mitigate risks but the support of a franchisor is also crucial.


Tutor Doctor supports our franchisees with launch support specialists, franchisee training and marketing support, giving you a team that is dedicated to your success. This robust support team helps mitigate your risk because they are each personally invested in the success of your business.


Industry Expertise

Along with a proven model, when you invest in a franchise, you also gain access to years of industry expertise that will help you build your business. That can be especially helpful when times get tough; it means your franchisor has already survived hard times and can guide you through them.


While the likelihood of another global pandemic is extremely low, it is good to know that your business has what it takes to survive one. You get that assurance when you invest in a franchise. In fact, Tutor Doctor has been able to adapt our one-to-one tutoring model to online methods that keep our students and tutors safe. When you invest in a franchise like Tutor Doctor, you become privy to the expertise that has built the top brand in in-home tutoring.


Invest in Your Future

Now is a great time to invest in franchising because it is always the right time to invest in your future. When you franchise, you are doing more than just “buying a job.” You are empowering yourself to build the life you want. Business ownership is a lifestyle that you deserve. Of course, there is more responsibility, but there is also more freedom and potential than working for someone else.


Whether you are looking for more flexibility, more fulfilment or more time with your loved ones, investing in a franchise will help you work toward that goal. If you are ready to start your franchise journey with Tutor Doctor, please reach out to our franchise development team.

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