What to Consider When Looking at Franchising

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Admin / November 19, 2020

As you consider franchising, there are lots of factors that will impact your decision. The initial investment is a crucial determining factor; the Tutor Doctor initial investment starts at $84,295, making us a low-cost franchise. Other things to consider include a franchise’s operational model, the overhead costs and the size of franchise territories.

Streamlined Operations

Tutor Doctor has been franchising since 2003. That means we’ve been perfecting our operations for nearly two decades and each of our franchisees benefits from our streamlined systems. With more than 700 franchise territories around the globe, we know what it takes to be the number one in-home tutoring franchise. That’s why we provide each franchisee with a launch support specialist who will guide you through initial training, your business’ first 90 days, and your first year as a Tutor Doctor owner-operator.


Our franchisees benefit from proven sales strategies, user-friendly management and scheduling software, corporate support and one-of-a-kind branding. Our tutoring franchise model is simple, streamlined and low-cost.


Low Overhead

Tutor Doctor keeps franchise costs low by keeping overhead low. When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, you won’t need to rent office space. You can run your tutoring franchise from home. As long as you have access to our online systems, you will be on your way to becoming a tutoring business mogul.


In addition to saving money on rent, utilities, supplies and the other costs that come with operating an office, Tutor Doctor low overhead includes saving money on payroll because you won’t need an office staff or administrator. In-home tutoring means your team of tutors can serve your customers without needing a home base or office space. Low overhead and low operating costs allow Tutor Doctor to keep our franchise costs as low as possible.


The Right Territory Size

Tutor Doctor franchisees also benefit from our different territory options because we know there is no single territory size that is perfect for every franchisee. With Tutor Doctor you have the opportunity to start with just one protected territory and grow from there. Our local territories include about 100,000 people. You will be able to leverage your knowledge of your community to build your tutoring business. In fact, you can start your franchise as a part-time franchise opportunity while you keep your day job which will allow you to have multiple streams of income.


Even if you choose to dive in full-time, the opportunity to start with a single territory will help you manage franchise costs. Plus, once your first tutoring franchise is up and running, you can work with the Tutor Doctor team to find another territory for you to grow into. If you are ready to dive into a bigger franchise opportunity, you can start with our Empire Builder franchise package, which is made up of two local territories and one regional territory.


Regardless of the territory size you choose, Tutor Doctor makes it possible for you to reach any student in an unawarded area of the country thanks to our national licenses. Once you are licensed, distance is no longer a factor. You will be able to utilize online tutoring technology to reach any student who needs your help.


When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, you will join a franchise that has streamlined operations, low overhead costs and customizable territories, which are all important franchise decision-making factors. If you are ready to start your journey toward franchise ownership with the number one franchise in in-home tutoring, reach out to our franchise development team for more information.

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