Why Tutor Doctor is a Good Franchise for Parents

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Admin / November 5, 2020

In our years of franchising experience, Tutor Doctor has learned that parents are a great match for our model—and we’re a great match for parents. This tutoring franchise opportunity allows parents to take advantage of their community connections and provides you with flexibility, scheduling freedom and the chance to work from home.

Community Activity

As a parent, you likely know the family hot spots in your own town. You can leverage this expertise when you open your tutoring business with Tutor Doctor. We encourage our franchisees to get out in the community and make connections with families who could be in need of academic supplementation. You already know the teachers, principals and coaches at local schools. These people can be referral sources.


Plus, you can turn any community activity into business with Tutor Doctor’s proven sales strategies and the connections you already have. Just chatting with a mom at a basketball game or school open house can help you grow your tutoring business.



We know that life with kids, especially young ones, doesn’t necessarily look the same each day. And neither does life as a Tutor Doctor franchisee. Franchisees who are also parents appreciate the flexibility that comes with owning their own tutoring franchise. Over time, many of our franchisees find a daily schedule that works for them and their families. But thanks to our flexible model, your schedule can change as you need it to.


Maybe you spend more time recruiting tutors and building your clientele in the fall, as school starts up and other parents are discovering their students’ needs. But maybe, by the time summer comes around, you can cut back and spend more time with your children while they have time off from school. Even on a smaller scale, working for yourself means you are able to take a day off at the last minute when you have a sick kid or unexpected family matter. Tutor Doctor provides our franchisees with a level of flexibility that just isn’t possible when you work for someone else.


Scheduling Freedom

When you franchise with Tutor Doctor, you can maximize your time by planning your business schedule around your family schedule—not the other way around. As the owner of your own tutoring business, you will get to call the shots when it comes to your schedule.


If you are a morning person, you can shape your schedule so that you are strategizing, planning and interacting with customers earlier in the day, when you feel your sharpest. Or maybe, you want to enjoy breakfast with your kids and handle school drop-off. You can start your day a little later to accommodate your kids’ schedules. As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you have the freedom to discover a schedule that doesn’t just work for you, but also for your whole family.


Working from Home

The Tutor Doctor franchise model is made for our franchisees to work from home, even before it became the norm for companies around the world. While we do encourage our franchisees to get out in the community, many of a franchisee’s daily functions can be tackled from a laptop—from anywhere. That means you can run your tutoring business from youth sports tournaments, family vacations or even waiting rooms. Working from home with Tutor Doctor means working from anywhere.


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